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Planting Moringa

Planting Moringa in Philippines 2009


About Us – Our Story

It all started a few years ago. Me and my wife were living in Philippines , then my wife introduced me to a miracle tree known as the Moringa. The health benefits of the plant were astounding and it inspired us to look for other “superfoods”.

Eventually on our search for natural superfoods, we discovered matcha, a special preparation of a unique green tea that has been used for its natural health benefits for centuries.

Now we live in Finland, where special type of wild blueberry  grows in the deep forests.
Often referred to as a bilberry, these blueberries also featured many health benefits in its pure, natural form that perfectly complemented the matcha and moringa.

That’s when we had a new idea: creating  products that combined these three natural, powerful foods into a true superfood. After a long process of finding the perfect mixture of pure organic ingredients, we developed Blue Matcha and Blue Moringa.

Natural, Organic Ingredients

Blue Matcha and Blue Moringa are superfoods that uses only pure organic ingredients. Unlike other health supplements that are created in large laboratories with synthetic ingredients, our approach to health and wellness is different.

The ingredients that you find in Blue Matcha and Blue Moringa are sourced with your health in mind. The matcha  and moringa are from high-quality, organic sources where growers take special care to maintain the true nature of the product.

Our wild blueberries come from the unpolluted forests deep within Finland where no insecticides, chemical fertilizers, or other harmful toxins are used. That ensures you receive all of the benefits bilberries have to offer and none of the harsh side effects of harmful compounds.

Our products are packed full of ingredients that will support your body to be the absolute best that it can be, and with so many antioxidants packed into every single spoonful you can be sure that your body is getting exactly what it needs. These products can be used in many ways, including in teas or whilst baking, meaning that no matter what your own personal preferences, there will be an ideal way to fit a great health boost into your day.

Your body deserves the best, and with the great products that we have available to you here, you can be sure that the best is just a couple of clicks away.

No Additives Used

When it comes to your health, using only pure ingredients is extremely important. That’s why we never use any additives in our products. Every ingredient that you find in Blue Matcha and Blue Moringa comes directly from nature.

On our Blue Green Plus label, you will never see a list of chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. Instead, you will simply find pure ingredients designed to provide you with real, lasting health benefits. There are no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no genetically modified ingredients.

Ultimately, our goal with Blue Green Plus Superfoods is simple: to provide pure, natural superfoods that truly works so you can discover the many benefits of Matcha, Moringa and Wildberries.


Our Family

Yours,   Mikael & Marbe