Fitness and Superfoods for Superhealth

Fitness and Superfoods for Superhealth

by Mikael Kandell July 06, 2016

Fitness and Superfoods for Superhealth

Superfoods Fuel Fitness and Well-Being
Our bodies are fueled by the foods we eat and the fluids we drink. Just like with an car – where better grades of gas improve performance – higher quality food gives your body more energy and overall better health. The relationship between proper nutrition and fitness is one that people at all fitness levels should support by the food choices they make. Superfoods, like Blue Matcha, Red Matcha and Blue Moringa with wild bilberry and cranberry, pack the biggest nutritional and medicinal punch, transforming into high octane energy and remedies your body needsfor peak fitness and overall well-being.
What are Superfoods?
Superfoods are nutritionally dense, loaded with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Occasionally these foods come from dairy or fish, but mostly are plant-based. Along with giving your body high-quality fitness energy, foods considered superfoods can help with digestive disorders and diabetes, heart disease, and more. They can even help people lose weight faster.
How superfoods work pre – and post - Workout
Eaten before a fitness activity, superfoods can maximize gains, boost performance and increase endurance. Typically for lighter exercise, 200 calories an hour or so prior is suggested, and 300 calories will suffice for a more intense work-out. Superfoods are also beneficial post-fitness, helping your body recover, rehydrate, and replace lost nutrients.

Revolutionary plant-based superfoods :

The miracle of Matcha
The Camellia Sinensis green tea plant supplies the foundation for all teas. From this green tea plant, many varieties of tea leaves are produced. Although relatively new to the Western world, Matcha (derivative of Tencha tea leaves) is a premier green tea. Matcha has a highly specialized process of growing, harvesting and producing which has been in practice for 900 years by a select few Japanese tea farms.
The unique way Matcha is produced - and its subsequent increased health, fitness and medicinal benefits - place it in the superfood category.Several weeks prior to harvesting, the Tencha leaves are covered with dark netting or black vinyl sheets, which causes them to overcompensate for the lack of light by producing an overabundance of chlorophyll and amino acids. At the end of the production process, ground Matcha isthe resulting product, boasting many nutritional benefits. Along with having a relaxing effect, Matcha tea boosts immunity, helps fight cancer, provides energy and endurance for increased fitness performance, controls cholesterol, burns calories, amplifies concentration and improves memory, and more. The very best Matcha tastes sweet, has a brilliant color and creamy texture.
Moringa: the world’s best “medicine”
Another incredible superfood that is new to the West, but has been healing people around the world for millennia, is Moringa. This amazing naturally medicinal product traces its origins back to Moringa Oleifera, or “The Tree of Life”. Although native to India, this tree has been planted in, and is producing Moringa, in many countries. It is believed to treat some 300 diseases, and have more nutritional value than any other plant discovered to date.
Moringa leaf powder, and Moringa seed oil has been given to pregnant women, young children, and others suffering from various maladies for thousands of years.It contains an abundance of active antioxidants, essential amino acids and anti-inflammatories, with many more vitamins available than fruit.
Among many health and medicinal benefits, Moringa is said to stave off aging, and fight depression. It also controls blood pressure, diabetes, boosts immunity to many illnesses, eliminates minor infections and does much more.
Superfoods: at the forefront of nutritional evolution
As more people become aware of – and experience - the benefits of superfoods, the demand for natural products like Blue Matcha and Blue Moringa will increase, and in turn, further the progression of nutrition.

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Mikael Kandell
Mikael Kandell


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